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Monday, 6 January 2014

End of Week Stats - 5th January 2014

  • 409 Followers on Twitter (up 13 from last week)
  • 489 have us in circles on Google+ (up 4 from last week)
  • Total Page Views according to Blogger stats: 371K
  • Weekly visits according to Google Analytics: 173
  • Weekly unique visitors according to Google Analytics: 113
  • Average Time On Site according to Google Analytics: 1m46s

Well, not a great week, but then not a great deal done in terms of posting and promoting either.  The weirdest thing was that my Twitter followers seemed to have reached a level where it refused to go up before it fell back again - at 400 - then I had a couple of days without really posting and found that my followers had jumped up!  The key to Twitter success... don't post!  Well... maybe just don't post all the time.

Anyway, plenty going to happen in 2014 for the site in general and, I hope, for me as a developer.  The Troll Song Demo should be in with a shout at the AGS Awards 2014 I hope - still at the "For Your Consideration" stage atm, not sure when nominations are going to start.  Some incredible games made with AGS were released in 2013!

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