Monday, 23 December 2013

End of Week Stats- 23rd December 2013

  • 391 Followers on Twitter (up 37 from last week)
  • 486 have us in circles on Google+ (up 3 from last week)
  • Total Page Views according to Blogger stats: 366K
  • Weekly visits according to Google Analytics: 372
  • Weekly unique visitors according to Google Analytics: 271
  • Average Time On Site according to Google Analytics: 2m38s

We're ending the year on a high!  Certainly lower than we're aiming for long-term and lower than our traffic in the good times before the Panda attack, but this is easily our best week in 2013 for both visits, page views and unique visitors.  

Though at the time it obviously seemed like a bad thing, clearly the (still) unexplained drop in the site's popularity in September this year was actually a very good thing, as it was the catalyst for me making long-overdue changes to both the site's layout and content.  Which seems to have gone down pretty well - not only is traffic on the up, but also very pleasingly the bounce rate has dropped like a stone.  For those who aren't familiar with the term, "Bounce Rate" effectively refers to people who find themselves on a site, look at it, think "what the hell am I doing here, ABORT, ABORT!!!" and click the BACK button in order to save themselves from the horror.  Average page views per visit and time on site have leaped up, which leads me to believe that people must be finding a much more useful resource than they were previously.  Which is nice.

Here are some pretty graphs taken from my Google Analytics to prove that I'm not making all the above up:

You see?  The stuff that's meant to be going up is going up, and the stuff that's meant to be going down is going down.  Hopefully this will continue through next year as well... we shall see!

Thanks once more to everyone who's supported me and the site over the year(s).

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