Thursday, 26 December 2013

Back to the Future with RANDAL’S MONDAY First Gameplay Trailer

Overcoming Mondays is complicated, especially when you’re trapped in a time warp of betrayal, cursed rings, pissed off box-office clerks and suicidal friends.

Alicante, Spain.

Nexus Game Studios is proud to present the new trailer for Randal’s Monday, the point & geek classic adventure which pay tribute to a generation of gamers, readers and viewers of subculture. Discover an inimitable revision of the good old Graphic Adventures, and join a zany interactive tragicomedy from the hand of Randal Hicks, the best antihero you can come across from here to The Tannhauser Gate. But be careful; if you meet him, don’t lose the sight of your wallet.


- Prologue, 7 great chapters and an epilogue whose gameplay time will depend on how many time you spend in front of the TV in your childhood.
- More than 40 different environments carefully hand crafted. 
- More than 50 characters including repulsive mothers, retired priests and talking skulls. 
- Jillions of references and homages to geek culture. 
- Cosmic space-time odyssey with a new perspective on the guy trapped in time. 
- No zombies (which is a feature nowadays). Whoops, in fact there’s some of them… well, ZOMBIES! 
- +5.000 lines of dialogue.
- Available mid 2014 for PC and every device or platform accepting bribes.

The Story

It all starts with a ring. A priceless ring which only cost what a grapefruit chewing gum does, an engagement ring, a cursed ring… 

It was all bliss on Matt and Sally’s engagement party, even for Randal. The best main character you can ever wonder: kleptomaniac, sociopath and awful friend above all. All the same he’s happy (free drinks, come’on!) and as time goes by, their minds start to cloud. Maaaaaany beers after that the night finally degenerates.

The next morning Randal gets up on his bedroom, the same stale clothes put on, a magnificent headache and his friend’s wallet in his pocket. Inside the wallet, a really expensive engagement ring that Randal sells at once in order to dodge some economical issues. But he didn't expect the ring to have had such a high sentimental value, and his friend Matt express his displeasure  by commiting suicide. This unexpected twist triggers the curse of the ring, and the many problems that Randal will have to face: a curse which will pursue him and tear his life apart, to the point where he’s forced to do what he likes the least: move to action.

Randal will live this fateful Monday again and again, doing whatever is needed in order to fix the horrible situation he has induced. Even if that means going to jail… or destroy mankind. Shots, kicks, blood, money, time loops and a lot of pissed off people. Randal must recover the ring and his life, before the situation worsens… or the universe collapses.

Randal’s Monday is still in development and will be released as of Q2 2014.

About the team
Juanan Pascual Albarranch and Toni Pascual Gómez are two of those weird human beings who know each other since their childhood, and yet they have good feelings for each other. Designers and Artists by studies (and arrant geeks by conviction) their lucasartians inquietudes took them from the short film and animation field to the creation of Randal’s Monday, their Masterpiece on videogames (regardless it IS their first game, of course). Four years of hard work and a lot of destiny twists later, Juanan and Toni have dig in the headquarters of Nexus Game Studios, the Spanish company which has been born in order to bring to life the longest Monday of all time (wink, wink). There they work countless hours (or so they say) and talk about purple tentacles whilst they finish Randal’s adventure, of course with the help of a passionate and experienced team of big boys keen on programming and development magic.


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