Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Tiny Trek - it's anything but tiny!!

Now this is an immensely interesting project.  Although I don't particularly care for the graphics style, it's a fairly amazing concept - absolutely everywhere you can visit is procedurally generated, and it contains 100 mission types, which are randomly created during your game and occur as "episodes" - so you might have a distress call that you can choose to answer; if you do, you go to investigate - maybe you have to help the ship, maybe they suddenly attack you, maybe they try to lure you into an ambush.  There are planets aplenty to visit and explore.

It's all very heavily influenced by Star Trek of course, and I think there are enough Trekkies around to easy get Tiny Trek funded - it's already close to reaching its modest funding goal.  I love the concept of the game and although generally I do prefer an encompassing storyline with a definite beginning and end (call me boring if you will!), the idea of a journey through space that you have no idea what you will meet or where you'll end up really appeals to me.

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