Saturday, 30 November 2013

Poll Results - "Indie Bubble"

We asked 'Do we currently have an "Indie Bubble" that's going to burst within the next couple of years?'  You replied:

  5 (12%)
  10 (25%)
Definitely Not
  6 (15%)
Probably Not
  12 (30%)
No Idea
  6 (15%)

Opinion was split fairly equally, with slightly more thinking that the bubble will not burst (or, perhaps, that there is no "bubble" to begin with).  The biggest vote was for "Probably Not", but the second biggest was for "Probably" - only 27% thought it was a definite yes or no.  15% had no idea.

So it looks like our readers are split fairly equally between those who think the bubble will burst or not.  I hope our cautiously optimistic voters are proven right over time!

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