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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

News on the upcoming game "Cyberganked"

News sent by Robb Sherwin about an interesting new game he and the rest of the Calrops Magic Video Game Company are working on, Cyberganked.

Cyberganked is a retro, cyberpunk CRPG being developed by the Caltrops Magic Video Game Company. (The Caltrops Magic Video Game Company consists of Robb Sherwin, Jon Blask, Randy McLellan and Rob O'Hara.)

The idea behind it is that RPGs like the Bard's Tale, Wizardry and Wasteland were a perfectly fine genre that just disappeared. While all of them have had remakes and sequels, we like the RPGS where you wander around a city and have the combat in the right-most window. We've also picked a style of graphics inspired by the IBM PC/PCjr's CGA display. There are only four colors in the entire game.

Our big news is that we have spent the last two Octobers shooting actors and actresses! Randy McLellan is a haunted house designer, and we have brought in a number of models to his haunted house for the game. Players can select from these actors and actresses to represent their characters in-game. We've got over 20 people in the game for this, with the possibility of expanding at a later date.

We used the text adventure language called Hugo to create Cyberganked.  The engine is pretty much finished at this point -- character creation, combat, healing, the quest system.. all of it is implemented. We've started working on various programs that act as spells would in a fantasy RPG. For instance, one of the programs you can run in-game is the infamous DONKEY.BAS. The original BASIC game had you hitting the spacebar to make a car avoid slamming into a donkey. In Cyberganked, the program is modified slightly: it wirelessly causes a nearby car to crash into your enemies, for 6-36 points of damage.

We don't have an expected release date yet. We have two of the 25 levels finished and are busy implementing the rest. Cyberganked will be released for Windows, Linux and OS X.

Image before the CGA treatment,

There are plenty of enemies to be found. We've tried to get away from stereotypical RPG enemies by asking ourselves who we'd like to take a poke at. Here are some examples:

Official Website (early stages!) - 

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