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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Interview with the chap working on "The Escapists"

Meet indie game developer ChrisD.  He likes potatoes - or at least I assume he does, as he made the game Spud Quest.  He's now working on a game set in prison - called The Escapists - which has recently reached its funding goal and which I previous posted about.  However it's worth checking on the Kickstarter Page still as Chris has recently set some stretch targets.

Anyway, as it my wont, I asked him a bunch of silly (but relevant) questions and got a set of silly (but relevant) answers back in return.  Enjoy!  Or, if you prefer, don't.

1/ What was the inspiration behind your latest game in production, "The Escapists"?
I'd originally planned to do a game similar to 'Back 2 Skool' on the Spectrum, but then the idea came to me of switching it to a prison. Both settings feature a daily grind that the player can divert from to pursue an alternative goal.

2/ What sort of game is The Escapists going to be - Adventure?  RPG?  Puzzle?  A bit of each?
Hmm, a bit of all of them I'd say. It's one of them games where you just play along then notice things and think "hmm, I wonder if I can do this..". It's about poking around until you find something that could play a hand in your eventual escape plan.

3/ How did it feel when you saw that you'd reached your Kickstarter goal?
Relief really. Of course that's the minimal goal so a part of me was hoping it'd get a little above that (Kickstarter and amazon take a scoop of that).

4/ What's been the most challenging part of making the game?
I'd say striking the middle balance between fun and the grind of prison life.

5/ When can we expect to see the full game released?
I'd imagine by next summer it'll be finished.

6/ Are there any indie studios / developers that have inspired you to be an indie game developer yourself?
Nah not really. Most of what I do ends up exploding from nostalgic memories of games I used to play, then expanding and exploring them idea's a little more.

7/ What was the key to your Kickstarter success?
The funding goal was pretty low so I'm not so sure it was any success to be too proud of, but I guess the concept behind it seemed to draw most people in. It's not a genre that's covered in gaming much.

8/ Did you ever think you'd NOT make your funding goal?  What would you have done if not?
It's always in the back of your mind yeah. If I didn't make a goal so small as £3,000 with a unique game idea like this then it'd be a massive wakeup call to try something else instead of game dev :)

9/ What advice would you give to aspiring indie developers?
Try something new!

Thanks for the interview Chris and all the best with continued development and eventual release of The Escapists!  There is a slight fear on my part that I've been interviewing someone who is at this very moment an in-mate at Wormwood Scrubs, though I sincerely hope not!

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