Friday, 18 October 2013

ZONE Launches Indiegogo Campaign

This looks interesting... kind of weird, but interesting...

Drammen, Norway - A brand new way for gamers to challenge themselves and join an adventure is on the horizon. A new Indiegogo campaign has been launched for a game that puts players into RC jets that they control with nothing more than a smart phone—from anywhere in the world.

Indiegogo is the site of a campaign called ZONE, whose latest creation is a high-speed multiplayer online game that features real life interaction. "Chosen One" contributors can participate in changing the online gaming landscape forever.

Game creator King Yasin Ally describes how matches will work. "A match, which will consist of 3 teams of 6 players, will be given a mission: to reach their destination on a map. But before that can happen, it's dog fighting time, where players get to experience the thrill of high-speed flight. The matches, lasting anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes will allow both players and audience members to see multiple camera views that include cockpit and wing angles."

It all may sound like a typical online game, until it's revealed that:

1. Players are located round the world, and;
2. Control actual RC jet places using only their smart phones.

The game, called AR.PURSUIT, will become a reality with the creation and modification of RC jet planes which will then be linked by a remote system. This will allow any player to control them, regardless of where in the world they may be located.

Perks for contributors to the ZONE campaign will go well beyond simply being noted as a donator; they will also be able to play a part in the game's production. Contributor options are available in two delicious flavors.

Those who donate $200 to the Indiegogo campaign before it ends on November 8, 2013 will reserve the right to become the first beta-testers of this literal game-changer, as well as celebrate during the game's opening party. $50 contributors will have their signature placed on the first RC jet built, as well as have their picture taken with the jet.

About ZONE
ZONE's Indiegogo campaign has a $300,000 goal. Any funding that ZONE and Ally receives for the AR.PURSUIT game campaign will be put toward the development of the interactive gaming system, as well as toward the company's web site development and flight permit paperwork. For more information about AR.PURSUIT and how to become a contributor, visit ZONE's campaign at

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