Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Mini-Review: "Gravi"

Admit it, you've always fancied playing the role of a cute blue ball of energy trapped in a fiendish dungeon filled with deadly traps, right?  If you answered "YES", please go and seek professional help now - there is clearly something wrong with you.

However, that's the role you play in Gravi, an indie puzzle game recently released on Steam.  The whole thing is simple but amazingly well polished - the graphics are terrific, the music fits the game very well, and the level design is good - the game gets pretty challenging very quickly (at least to me).   It's described as a puzzle platformer but you can't "jump" as such - you use gravity to pull you up or across, in addition to rolling left and right.  You gain other abilities later on, such as being able to make yourself smaller.

The game is quite touch, with the death traps being very unforgiving - the collision detection is spot on and doesn't give you any margin for error - with the level you're on instantly restarting when you die.  This is very much a game aimed straight at the sort of player who enjoys this type of puzzle game - for myself I can appreciate just how accomplished the game is, but I usually tend to lose patience with this sort of game so probably won't be spending too much time on it (notwithstanding that I have a pile of indie games waiting to be reviewed already!) - this isn't a fault of the game, but if you normally get the same reaction, this probably won't overcome it.  That said, if you like level-based puzzle games, you will find Gravi to be an extremely good one, and there's enough challenge to keep you going for a long time, even if you're not the sort of player who likes to go back and try to beat their best times.

It all comes down to whether you like this sort of game or not.  If you do, you can't lose with Gravi!

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