Sunday, 27 October 2013

Find fame and fortune on the high seas in "Spirit of the Sail"

Now I've always liked pirate-inspired games, mainly due to the original "Pirates!" by Sid Meiers and MPS Labs on the Atari ST many years ago - and to be honest, no similar game has ever really caught my interest in quite the same way since, although the revamped game years later called "Sid Meiers' Pirates!" came fairly close.

Anyway, about Spirit of the Sail... it describes itself thus:
"A multiplayer RPG set in the Caribbean during the age of sail. Explore, Pirate, Trade or Fight your way to renown and riches!"
Now this is even more interesting since Kartuga, a big project funded by online gaming giant Innogames, was discontinued.  Is the player base for Spirit of the Sail there?  Will it capture the imagination of the games-playing public?  It's difficult to assess the game's potential properly from the video currently available, which shows pre-alpha game footage, but it certainly looks like one to keep an eye on.  They're aiming for a funding target of $50,000.  See the Kickstarter Page for more information.  It also describes itself as a "realistic tactical RPG", which is fairly intriguing.  We shall see...

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