Monday, 28 October 2013

End of Week Status - 27th October 2013

  • 62 Followers on Twitter
  • 453 have us in circles on Google+
  • Total Page Views according to Blogger stats: 341K
  • Weekly visits according to Google Analytics: 263
  • Weekly unique visitors according to Google Analytics: 185
  • Average Time On Site according to Google Analytics: 3m55s

(The Google Analytics stats are a little skewed as for some reason it didn't collect any data at all on one of the days.)

Thanks to everyone who's helped us with a mention or link in our recent drive to increase the site's popularity.  I'm sure we're on an upward trend now and can finally start to reverse the damage done to us by the Google Panda update back in September 2012, before which we comfortably averaged 100 or more visits per day.

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