Sunday, 29 September 2013

IndieGameStand Launches Dedicated Storefront to Give Indie Developers A New Way to Sell Games

IndieGameStand Launches Dedicated Storefront to Give Indie Developers A New Way to Sell Games
Indie-focused service will compete with Steam and other channels by significantly lowering the barrier to entry for quality independent games
PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - September 24, 2013 - One year ago, IndieGameStand put a new spin on the game bundle paradigm by featuring a new, handpicked indie game for "pay what you want" pricing every 96 hours. Today the indie-focused service takes on Steam, GOG, and other online stores by opening a permanent storefront alongside their rotating 96-hour deals. With quick approval times, a favorable revenue split, and access to a growing audience hungry for quality indie games, the new IndieGameStand Store will greatly lower the barrier to entry for independent developers who have been stymied by Steam and other channels.
Now open at, the IndieGameStand Store currently has 94 games from 72 developers, including most of the titles that have been featured so far in 96-hour deals. Episodic adventure series Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller, puzzle platformer Escape Goat, sandbox village management game Gnomoria, and co-op dungeon crawler Dungeon Dashers are among the fourteen games that have been selected by the IGS staff for the site's grand opening sale, all with markdowns of 15% or more through October 1:
IndieGameStand is committed to serving the indie gaming community exclusively, a focus that stems from the company's love and admiration for indie game developers' dedication and creative passion. For developers, the new storefront's benefits include a 75/25 revenue split and 1-2 day approval times -- both better than the industry standard. Flexible backend tools enable developers to set up PC, Mac, and Linux games in an hour or less, link up with Steam Greenlight or Kickstarter campaigns, distribute alpha and beta builds, provide customers with Steam or Desura keys, and more.
For consumers, IndieGameStand provides easy access to quality games, with purchases conveniently stored in a user's Game Wallet for unlimited future download. The site is building up a large community of indie game fans, with over 40,000 customers served in the first year. And it's an audience that keeps coming back: to date, 40% of IndieGameStand customers have made multiple purchases.
"Steam is obviously a great platform that has been great for the industry, but where Steam is weak right now is in giving individualized attention to many indie game developers," says Dan Liebner, co-founder of IndieGameStand. "With the IndieGameStand Store, we're removing the barriers that keep indies from getting their games in front of an audience. Of course, the end goal is to offer a great selection of games to our customers. We want IndieGameStand to become synonymous with finding great indie games to buy and play."
Developers interested in selling their games through the IndieGameStand Store can learn more about the service here:
About IndieGameStand
Founded in 2012, provides convenient ways for indie developers to sell and promote their games. In their first year of operation, their 96-hour "pay what you want" deals have earned more than $150k for developers and approximately $20k for more than 30 different charities. IndieGameStand's recent site expansion offers developers and gamers a dedicated storefront for unique indie games. Learn more at

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