Sunday, 29 September 2013

Bumpkin Brothers Announce Space Farmers

Gloucestershire, England -- September 21st 2013 -- The Bumpkin Brothers have announced their new title; Space Farmers, a cooperative action adventure game featuring Steve and Thomas, two farmers from Bristol who have been abducted by aliens and must now escape captivity and try to return home. 

Start your Space Tractors, load yer laser shotguns and prepare for a proper good cooperative game of Space Farmers! 

Plough your way through an alien research facility with a friend, blasting robots and overcoming obstacles as you seek freedom from your alien captors. 

This week the Bumpkin Brothers are showing off a teaser trailer as well as revealing some basic information about the project. Next week there will be an announcement of the Space Farmers Kickstarter campaign that will help bring the game to completion. 

For the trailer, screenshots and more information visit: 
And the gameplay video is also on YouTube: 

“Space Farmers is our dream project” said Rich Bawden, one half of the Bumpkin Brothers. “We’ve been talking about it for years and we’re so excited to be finally making it a reality.” 

"As we're making a cooperative game it's all about the players and how they react to the game," said Andy Yates, the other half of the Bumpkin Brothers, "We can’t wait to get the game in front of real people so it grows based on their feedback." 

If you’re part of the gaming press and have any other questions at all, we’d love to hear from you. 

About Bumpkin Brothers 

The Bumpkin Brothers are Rich Bawden and Andy Yates. They like making games and drinking tea with a slice of cake. 

They live out in the sticks - Gloucestershire and Herefordshire near, but not quite in, Wales. 

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