Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Cyberpunks Vs. Syndicates now available to the public

Cyberpunks Vs. Syndicates Allows Players to Build Custom Online Armies in an All New Browser Based MMO

Power Up and Take Down your Enemies in Cyberpunks Vs. Syndicates, available free-to-play online now!

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Independent game development company Mososh is excited to release their new browser based MMO, Cyberpunks Vs. Syndicates, an addictive, fun adventure game that allows players to compete with and against one another. Mososh is best known as the developer of the popular online game, Chronicles of Herenvale. Cyberpunks Vs. Syndicates is currently available to the public on FacebookKongregate and on the Cyberpunks-vs-Syndicates website.

Cyberpunks vs Syndicates allows players to build a custom cyberpunk and take down the syndicates in a graphical adventure that can be played solo, co-op, or even battling against other players in PVP mode. Advanced players compete in Brotherhoods, similar to guilds in popular fantasy titles like World of Warcraft, and build fully customizable armies to reach the top of the leaderboards
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The year is 2113 A.D. The genome deconstruction in concert with advanced nanotech has lead to designer mutations. 21st century biotech has evolved into cybertech producing bio-integrated augmentations. Intelligent design has taken on a whole new meaning as humans are fabricated and upgraded.

Politicians have become puppets. The general populaces are exploited and live in fear. Those who would speak out are incarcerated or worse for crimes against liberty.

A group of what were once known as hackers has risen to combat the tyranny of the supercorps. Labeled cyberpunks, outlaws and terrorists, this loose cabal uses cyberwarfare and other forms of espionage in an underground war.

Key Features
1. Gear up! Customize everything from the characters face to their feet to build the most powerful punk. Players can specialize in one of three advanced damage systems or create a balanced build.
2. The solo campaign takes players on a global adventure as they try to discover what the syndicates are hiding and bring them to justice.
3. Assaults pit players, friends and global armies against syndicate bosses in an attempt to steal their precious resources that players can use to build more powerful items.
4. Brotherhoods allow players to team up with others, share private assaults and compete on the leaderboards for fame and fortune.

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Check out the developer's website
Cyberpunks Vs. Syndicates is now available to the public for free via the following portals:FacebookKongregate and on the Cyberpunks-vs-Syndicates website.
Fans of the game are encouraged to visit the company’s Website, and Twitter.

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