Friday, 2 August 2013

Zeppelin Studio is Champion of the Imagine Cup 2013

On July 11th Zeppelin Studio was awarded the 1st place in the Games competition of the Imagine Cup 2013, where they competed with their pilot project Schein.

“Microsoft Imagine Cup is the world’s premier technology program and competition for students to learn, build and compete with innovative tools, platforms and services.” – Microsoft News Center

After prevailing against hundreds of competitors in the preliminary online finals, the creators of Schein were invited to St. Petersburg, Russia, for the Worldwide Finals of the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2013. In a challenging week of presentations and show cases, Zeppelin Studio managed to impress the jury of renowned personalities in the gaming industry (among others Alexey Pajitnov, the maker of Tetris). Their game Schein was deemed the most promising student project in the Games category and awarded the main prize of $50.000.

“The Imagine Cup was an amazing opportunity for us! Now we have the resources to complete our project and publish our game. And that is exactly what we will do.” – Michael Benda, Co-founder of Zeppelin Studio

Game Description
Schein is a challenging puzzle platformer for Windows PC, which is built on the myth of a wisp named Irrlicht. In this ingenious game light is the key to everything: Defeat deadly beasts, solve tricky puzzles and uncover hidden paths through the murky swamp. 

Schein has evolved from a small student project into the pilot project of a promising startup, which is frequently compared to Limboand Braid. The release is planned for fall 2013.

Dev-Demo Update: Version 0.3.4 for download now!
A free demo level is  available for download, which offers a short glimpse of Schein. It has just been updated and now features improved visuals and a new sound system. Download available here!

Development Log:
08/01/2013 — Fourth Dev-Demo Update (v 0.3.4)
o    Graphics: last remnants of old concept were replaced (ground textures, platforms)
o    Sound system: transition from XAudio2 to FMOD

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