Thursday, 22 August 2013

Game Dev Tycoon is now available for pre-order on Steam

Game Dev Tycoon is coming to Steam August 29th

The popular tycoon style game featuring the world of game developers will be available on Sale via Steam August 29th

Pre-order today!
Independent game development studio Greenheart Games is excited to announce that their game developer simulation game, Game Dev Tycoon, is coming to Steam August 29th for PC (Windows) and Mac. The game, which was initially launched on the Windows 8 Store in December 2012, was successfully re-released on Greenheart Games’ website in early 2013, and received praise from both critics and fans alike. The developers were most recently discussed worldwide when they purposely uploaded a cracked build of their game that had players' studios failing due to piracy (causing hilarious and sad results). Game Dev Tycoon, which was updated for this release to respond to player feedback, will soon be available on Steam with a launch price of $7.99 (USD), 20% off the normal Steam price of $9.99.
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In Game Dev Tycoon, players get to start their own game development company and play through the history of game development. Players will start their humble business in a garage in the 1980s. As they research new technologies, create best selling games, hire and train staff they will grow their business and their impact on the industry. Players get the ability to make their own virtual games, choose the genre and what platform to release on. As they grow they will get opportunities to move into bigger offices and unlock secret labs, become the leader of the market and gain worldwide fans.
• Start a game development company in the 80s 
• Design and create games 
• Research new technologies 
• Create custom game engines 
• Move into bigger offices 
• Forge a world-class development team 
• Unlock secret labs 
• Conduct industry changing products
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A trailer has been released in conjunction with the press release and can be viewed here.
The game will appeal to anyone who is curious about the world of game development and aims to cater for both fans of traditional tycoon style games as well as casual players.
Game Dev Tycoon is currently available for pre-order on Steam August 29th for PC (Windows) and Mac at a discounted price of $7.99, 20% off the normal Steam price of $9.99. Players can also purchase the full game or try the demo at
Fans of the game are encouraged to visit the company’s Blog FacebookTwitter andYoutube.

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