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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Element4l - mini-review

Element4l is an interesting hybrid platformer that... well, it isn't quite a platformer, though I'm not entirely sure what it is.  You control a little spirit type thing that can change between the four elements, and must use this ability and a few other tricks to get through the levels in time.  It's a nicely designed game and certainly a little different from anything you'll have ever played before, but while I am not good at platformers in general, I was even worse at this, so I fear I will never really get to a point where I see this game performing at its full potential.  If you like platformers and experimental games in general though, I think you'll enjoy it.  The graphics are quite beautiful at times - again, not quite like anything you're likely to have seen in a computer game before.

Available for PC and Mac on Steam.

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