Friday, 16 August 2013

Alum - an in-production point and click adventure game

This is an interesting-looking project...

"Our vision is to make an all new point and click adventure game with the same feel and vibe as some of the classic games we love (Quest for Glory, Roger Wilco, Monkey Island, etc..) but with our own "Epic" twist. Were using the same "old-school" resolution as those games to give it that retro feel. The gameplay and story-line will have a mysterious atmosphere of "What's going to happen next?", "Who can I trust?", "What's truly going on?!". As you begin the game, you're exploring the city of Cosmos, looking for answers to how a plague that has consumed your loved ones is spreading. Where did it come from? Is there a cure? These questions will pull the main character, Alum, into a grand quest of discovering love, evil, deep truths, conspiracy, rebel factions, friendly monsters, and monstrous friends."

See the Kickstarter Page for more info / support the project.  They have 3 days to get to their target of $10,000 (currently at $6,376).

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