Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Sci-fi action puzzler Droidscape: Basilica released for iOS, has stop-motion animation and experimental "HeadTwister" controls

Sci-Fi Action Puzzle Game Droidscape: Basilica Out Now for iPhone / iPad
Stop-motion animation and revolutionary "HeadTwister" controls set this indie game apart

LONDON - July 30, 2013 - Indie developer Kyttaro Games makes their App Store debut today with Droidscape: Basilica, a carefully crafted action-puzzle game more than a year in the making. This sprawling sci-fi puzzler features 60 challenging levels, clay-modeled characters animated with stop-motion technology, intuitive touch controls, and an optional "HeadTwister" mode that turns the gameplay hands-free. The game can be downloaded worldwide from the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/droidscape-basilica/id586086388

The year is 4057, and a power-hungry Ecclesiarchy has plunged humanity into a new Dark Ages. One of few remaining Chronomancers dedicated to preserving the secrets of time-travel has been taken hostage on the gargantuan Basilica space station, and if he dies, an already dark world will get a lot darker. Only a small, unarmed droid named Bishop 7 can save him -- and only with your help.

In each of Droidscape: Basilica's 60 two-stage puzzle levels, players use strategy to plot Bishop 7's course around roaming enemy droids to pick up gems, recharge at power stations, unlock doors, and reach the exit. Then, using either simple finger swipes or the revolutionary HeadTwister controls, manipulate time to carefully guide the droid through the course without crossing the enemy's path. As you travel deeper into the massive space station, Droidscape's electropunk sci-fi world comes to life via stop-motion animation, futuristic music and sound effects, and a vast backstory presented in interstitial scenes between levels.

Still in its experimental stages, Kyttaro's HeadTwister technology uses the front-facing camera of newer model iOS devices to replace a flick of the finger with a shake of the head. In this mode, players send Bishop 7 along the plotted course by turning their head right to step forward, or left to step back. The developers plan to refine the technology based on player feedback, with the ultimate goal of developing fully head-controlled games in the future. For those with older devices or who prefer a more tactile experience, the game is also completely touch enabled.

Droidscape: Basilica is a Universal App playable on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It sells for USD $1.99 (or its equivalent in local currency) and is on sale for USD $0.99 during the first week. The game's HeadTwister mode can be experienced on iPad 2 and up, iPhone 4S and up, or iPod touch 5.

Learn more about Droidscape: Basilica at the official website: http://droidscape.kyttarogames.com/

About Kyttaro Games
Founded in 2011, Kyttaro Games has until now been best known for its thematic, pay-what-you-want Bundle In A Box indie gaming bundles and the Indie Dev Grant designed to help indie developers create new games. Kyttaro Games approached their debut game, Droidscape: Basilica, like an interactive work of art, collaborating with sculptor/painter Hariton Bekiaris and composer Chris Christodoulou. Learn more at http://www.kyttarogames.com.

Droidscape: Basilica Trailer

Droidscape: Basilica Screenshots

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