Thursday, 4 July 2013

DefrostGames invites you to help finish their time puzzler

July 3 2013, Malmö, Sweden.

Would you like to help out making a game about molding time and solve puzzles on a desolate space station? That is what Swedish game developer Defrost Games ask the public now that their game Project Temporality is closing in on the finish line.

Project Temporality is a third person action puzzler with a heavy emphasis on time manipulation, inspired most notably by Portal and Braid. Defrost Games promise to offer rarely seen consistency and depth in the time bending mechanics, allowing the players a lot of flexibility and the chance to reach a high level of skill in the art of helping themselves out across several parallel timelines.

The game is set in a space station where the search for the ultimate time-bending technology has forced all other considerations to the side. As the players explore the rooms and hallways of the station, they will find heaps of hints and testimonies about the crimes committed against humanity.

Project Temporality has been in development for almost three years, during which the developers have survived on part-time jobs while working to make their vision come true. Now that the end is in sight, Defrost Games runs an Indiegogo campaign, not only to ramp up the production values for the final stretch, but also to invite founders to work with them. Among the perks being offered are the options to write a journal or design a model to liven up the space station, or having a Skype conversation with the development team.

Defrost Games is an independent game developer located in Malmö in Sweden. It was founded  in 2010 by a former software development manager from Massive Entertainment, and several other former Massive employees has been engaged in the development of Project Temporality, the studio's first own game.

Key Features
·        Time manipulation
At any time you can reverse the current time to any earlier point in time, while in Time Manipulation Mode you can move time back and forward freely to find that perfect moment for you. So no more need for frustrating replays where you are trying to perform the same jump sequence over and over again. You simply rewind time for the last jump and then redo it. Thanks to this ability anyone can play project temporality without getting frustrated.
·        Single Player Cooperation
This is the key part of the gameplay because you can exist in many parallel timelines using what we call time clones. It means that every time you need a friend's help in the game, you can be that friend.  Creating multiple versions of yourself you can solve puzzles that would have been impossible for a single person. An important part is that you can spawn a new timeline with a new time clone at any time in the game. You are not forced to use specific positions that work for a limited time. Once you create a new timeline it’s there forever.
·        Multiple true timelines
These time clones will continue to perform the actions you recorded. They are, however, still a part of the game world, and if you change the game world the end result will also change. For example, if you jumped on a platform and for some reason that platform is moved by another timeline, your character will jump and fall, not stand on an invisible platform as in other games featuring recorded actions.
·        Temporality fielded objects
A temporality fielded object is an object that won’t be affected by your time manipulations, because it is inside a field that cancels out all timelines except the original one. It is the same kind of field that contains earth in the game's story, making all time travel there impossible. It is also used at the end of each puzzle in the research facility to ensure that the test subject can’t use time-based powers to get away.

About Defrost Games
Defrost Games was founded in 2010 by a former Software development manager of Massive Entertainment, with a track record as Lead Software Engineer for World in Conflict andGround Control 2.
Our mission is to bring funpolished and thought provoking games to everyone.
We aim to produce games mostly for the downloadable market so that we can always afford to experiment and try out new stuff. We are not interested in picking a fight with AAA development companies. While AAA is wonderful and there are a lot of lessons from our time there that we can apply, we are here because we want to do something different

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