Tuesday, 21 May 2013

PuzzME: puzzle becomes social

The rules are always the same: putting together the pieces to reassemble the final picture. The classic jigsaw puzzle is a game that fascinates millions of people around the world and today it can be played on smartphones and tablets ... 

Puzz-Me has a time limit to complete the various tables and the player can choose three different difficulty levels. The more he goes up, of course, the more time decreases, the tiles become small, numerous, and everything is more complicated!

There are 30 tables, some of them can be played freely, for others it’s necessary to have accumulated enough experience points. These points are credited to the player at the end of each game and they vary according to the difficulty.

During the game players have a small magnifying glass that can be useful to place faster the tiles in the right place. However there is also the Training mode that allows to play with no time limits.

At the end of each game, if the player wants, he can share the result on Facebook and Twitter. All Puzz-Me’s tables are works of artists Gloom82, Ivanandreevich and Lindelokse, belonging to the digital community deviantART (www.deviantart.com).

Puzz-Me is the first app developed by Indie Construction, a small indie Italian studio focused on casual games.

Puzz-Me is already available for free on Google Play (in May also on the AppStore).

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