Tuesday, 21 May 2013

New Twist to RPG Dungeon Crawler, Puzzle Based Combat


Indie Studio Creates Gateway Game to Bring Casual Players to RPGs

LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY -- May 20, 2013 -- Dungeon of Elements, merging an RPG dungeon crawler with classic tile matching mechanics, delivers an engaging and quite different gaming experience that can be enjoyed by both core and casual players.  Indie game studio Frogdice plans a July launch.  

In Dungeon of Elements, players take on the role of an alchemist exploring a huge world for rare elements. They will battle monsters in 45 different environments while gathering materials and basic gear. Back in the lab, they perform experiments that unlock recipes for items based on the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

The hardcore RPG fan can wallow in awesome gear, leveling up and crushing bosses. The casual player can delight in nostalgic, match 4 style tile matching puzzles, collecting pets and a branching storyline.

Dungeon of Elements takes place in the world of Primordiax - a fantasy world shared by all of Frogdice's games. This dates back to Threshold RPG, a text MUD RPG launched in 1996 that is still enjoyed by thousands of players.

The game reflects Frogdice’s design philosophy of taking casual game elements and merging them into core game genres.  The studio's goal is to appeal to core gamers while also creating a gateway to introduce casual players to more core games.

“We love playing RPGs and we really want to introduce new people to the genre with Dungeon of Elements,” Michael Hartman, CEO & President, Frogdice Games, explains.  “The tile matching puzzle mechanic is fantastic for combat because it is familiar and inviting to casual players, but as any hardcore player can attest, it can be used to create extremely complex and engaging gameplay.”

Frogdice is reaching out directly to RPG and casual game fans with a Kickstarter campaign that will give them early access toDungeon of Elements. The company has self-funded the development and the title is almost complete.  Kickstarter funds will be used to do the final polishing of the game as well as hire a sound engineer to add music and sound effects. 

Frogdice estimates backers will receive their copy of the game within 30 days after project funding, a full month before it goes on sale to the public.

Game features:
·         Match-4 combat inspired by some of the most classic puzzle games of all time
·         Deep crafting system where recipes are unlocked through experimentation
·         Hundreds of gear options
·         Collecting pets, bestiary
·         Achievements
·         Highly customizable character creation
·         Branching storyline where choices change the game
·         Huge world to explore with 45 different environments

Dungeon of Elements trailer: 


An indie studio based in Lexington, Kentucky, Frogdice is active on social media and employees loves engaging with their community. Since 2000, the studio has hosted an annual convention for their fans. Interact with Frogdice here:
·         Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dungeonofelements
·         Twitter: http://twitter.com/frogdiceinc
·         Forum: http://forums.frogdice.com
                ·         Website: http://doe.frogdice.com

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