Saturday, 18 May 2013

BattleCraft shows off an engaging online card-trading strategy game

The World of Asteras awaits... 

 BattleCraft shows off highly customizable, collectable cards and an engaging online card-trading strategy game

San Francisco, California - May 9th, 2013 - Independent developer  Proteus Games Technologies is pleased to release a new gameplay video for their free web-based online trading card game, BattleCraft.  BattleCraft offers immersive fast-paced tactical combat and vivid collectable cards within a full interactive strategy game; players can learn by trading and playing their cards.  Players can engage in multiplayer and take down challenging bosses in raids, combat each other in worldwide PVP arenas, and explore the Lore and Factions of of Asteras through a repayable campaign mode.

In BattleCraft, players take on the role of a Commander that assembles a squad of heroes in the war-plagued world of Asteras. Players craft their deck to suit their individual play style and strategize by gathering heroes and mythical creatures from various factions in Asteras. Players grow and customize their squads through battling and trading with other players.

Game Features:

Free to Play, everything in-game is available by playing
400 + unique cards and growing 
5 unique Factions with varying play styles and strategies
Strategize using Support Cards and Formations
Auction and Trade your cards with other players
Engaging single player campaigns that can be replayed
Challenge other players in PVP arenas and tournaments 
Multiplayer co-op play with raids
Unlock new cards and earn in-game achievements

The gameplay video features the new Public Card Tool, where the BattleCraft community can create their own heroes; each featuring their own unique skills.  Players have the ability to improve card collection, general gameplay and balance, and even win prizes if their cards are selected.  “The Public Card Tool opens up new opportunities for even more customization and character strategy,” states lead developer Mohan Low. “This tool allows the community the ability to vote on characters and skills that they’re interested in playing.  This should result in a even more diverse and interesting card set for players to use in their battles.”

BattleCraft is currently available to the public via Kongregate and Gameshydra.  

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