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CAT Science Makes Strategic Investment in Innovating, Independent Danish Game Development
Copenhagen, Denmark – April 17, 2013 – Tough Guy Studios, an independent micro studio and creator of the critically acclaimed and off the wall mobile cult hit, Time Ducks, has secured funding for its next visionary title. CAT Game Invest a subdivision of CAT Science have invested $350,000 in the Tough Guys development studio to finance the multi-platform project that will be announced later in summer 2013. 
"As a small indie developer, we have always valued our own independence and the prospect of securing funding for the second Tough Guys project whilst simultaneously retaining this was quite daunting,” said Morten Sommer, CEO and Games Designer at Tough Guy Studios, “In CAT Science we found an investor that  understands our crazy  game ideas and supports us financially with the freedom  of letting us make the  product we want for our gamers”.
“As an investor we are flooded with game concepts that are presented to us each year we found Tough Guy Studios’ concept to be extremely interesting,” said Allan Rasmussen, Investment Manager. “A great team with a great game concept is what we are always looking for. So we did not take very long to decide to invest in this project since we are convinced that this is going to become a great investment.”
Tough Guy Studios was founded in May 2011. The Tough Guy manifesto emphasizes that the gaming experience follows the Pareto distribution: 20% is induced by gameplay and 80% by the players imagination and emotions. The TGS games are all created with a tremendous respect for the medium and for the player. The game must always tickle the players conceptions and transcend the actual gaming experience.
About Tough Guy Studios
Tough Guy Studios is a tiny independent game studio located in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Fuelled by a strong desire to create unique emotional experiences, be it in small arcade style games or in large scale psychological fairytale story games, the Tough Guys always go their own way. Inspired by literature, avant-garde movies, childhood memories and conversations in smoke filled bar rooms, the Tough Guys create experiences that feel truly fresh and unique.
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CAT Game Invest
CAT Game Invest is a specialized division of CAT Science A/S and is located in Copenhagen.
In 2006 CAT Game Invest stepped into Computer Gaming, and has gradually increased its investment activities in this segment since then. Until now we have invested in 18 game companies. In 2012 we made great exits from Playdead ApS, Mustacho ApS, and Sybo Games ApS with very interesting ROI’s. We invested in 5 new game productions in 2012 and expect to invest even more in 2013. Average investment is $500,000 and with a maximum of $1MM. 
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