Monday, 18 March 2013

Taking a Schein to this indie game...

I stumbled across a post about this indie game and thought it looked interesting, so I'm giving it a shout-out here:

Schein puts the player into the role of a troubled young man, who has lost his only son. Struggling to deal with his grief, he finds himself wandering through a dark, menacing swamp. He tries to find a way out, but is confronted with obstacles he cannot overcome. Just as he is about to give up, a spark of hope arrives in form of a ghost light named Irrlicht. With the power of the Irrlicht, he can bathe his surroundings in different lights and thus discover new paths. Learn to use these lights and your wits to trigger mechanisms, solve puzzles and defend yourself against dreadful creatures.

Key features
  • Mysterious dimensions: Use different colors of light to unveil new dimensions and manipulate your environment. Discover new paths, avoid hazards and learn to trigger mechanisms to overcome obstacles.
  • Brain-twister: Use your ingenuity and take advantage of the light to solve complex puzzles and continue your journey through the swamp.
  • Ingenious Soundtrack: Our exciting, specially commissioned soundtrack builds up suspense and creates an eerie atmosphere. Crank it up and immerse yourself even deeper in the mysterious world of Schein.
  • Mighty monsters: Ancient creatures inhabit the swamp and are not easily persuaded to let you pass. Use what you have learned on your journey to defeat them and gain new powers.
  • Lost souls: Throughout the swamp linger the souls of other adventurers who have perished. Collect these softly glowing orbs to unlock secret levels.
  • Gripping Story: Discover the tale of the magical swamp and the journey of the witty main characters in fully synchronized dialogues and cut scenes.

Schein Screenshots:

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