Monday, 4 March 2013

IndieGameStand Booth 797 at PAX East

IndieGameStand Announces its Indie Game lineup for PAX EAST 2013 
Spotlighting independent game creators at this year’s PAX East Convention 
Fans of indie games will have their chance to see what IndieGameStand is all about at this year’s Penny Arcade Expo East set to take place at the Boston Convention Center March 22nd-24th. The new indie game distribution service has announced the 12 indie games they will be featuring and giving out for free at their booth. Step right up and spin the indie game prize wheel for a chance to win a variety of hand-picked indie titles.  Attendees will be able to play featured games right in the booth and meet the founders. Everyone who enters the booth will leave with an amazing indie title through the IndieGameStand site.  The IndieGameStand booth will be located directly behind the IndieMegabooth at Booth 797.  IndieGameStand has selected the following titles to be on display:
·         Gimbal, an online multiplayer shooter with buildable vehicles by 88888888 Labs
·         Cognition, a thrilling crime adventure by Phoenix Online Studios
·         Gnormoria, a sandbox village management game recently greenlit for Steam by Robotronic Games
·         Recruits, an intense squad-based top down real time strategy game by Commotion Games
·         Aztaka, a mayan-inspired side-scrolling action RPG by Citeremis
·         Space Pirates and Zombies, the critically acclaimed top-down space combat game by MinMax games
·         Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite space, a sci-fi roguelike game by Digital Eel
·         Doom & Destiny, a humorous take on the classic Japanese RPG genre by Heartbit Interactive
·         Krunch, an old-school race against time to survive and escape by LeGrudge & Rugged
·         Reprisal, the tribe management game inspired by Populous and developed by Electrolyte
·         Super Tower Rush, a head-to-head race down a treacherous tower by Lorena & Andre
·         MegaByte Punch, an adventure platforming combat game where you build your own figther by Reptile Games
 “We are incredibly excited to be attending PAX East and interact with all the gaming fans there. Personally, I am really proud that we can represent indie developers that have great games but who can’t justify the expense of attending PAX themselves,” stated Mike Gnade, Co-founder of IndieGameStand. 
A different indie game takes the spotlight every 96 hours, making IndieGameStand a destination for a steady stream of high quality, little-known games that might otherwise struggle to find an audience. With “pay what you want” pricing, consumers decide exactly how much to pay for a game and can be confident that their money will go straight to the developer who made it and a charity of that developer’s choosing.
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About IndieGameStand
Founded and launched in September 2012, is a new, low-barrier of entry way for indie developers to promote their games and be included in a dynamic indie gaming bundle. IndieGameStand handpicks every indie game that is offered on their service. Each game gets only four days to shine on their homepage in a “pay what you want” sale. Any games purchased from IndieGameStand are conveniently stored in your game wallet and available to download from anywhere. Learn more at

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