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'The Apartment', a new experience by solo developer Dark Acre Jack

Posted by Dave Seaman on Friday, 1 February 2013

Vancouver solo independent developer Dark Acre Jack releases first commercial project. 

'The Apartment', a first-person 'experience' that explores abandonment and decrepitude through the senses of a care home resident, had been released as part of Breakdance Mcfunkypant's #1GAM initiative. 

Made over the course of the 4 weeks of January, 2013, 'The Apartment' is an experimental game built in Unity 3D for play via web browsers. The player takes on the role of a care home resident and is given reign to explore a small apartment, discovering clues and seeking resolution. 

'The Apartment' utilizes Allegorithmic's Substance technology, enabling a high level of graphical fidelity at low overhead. The project is the culmination of over 27 months of full-time solo development by Jack and is also the first project to be offered for sale via patronage of Dark Acre. 

Dark Acre is an independent game development studio based in the West End of Vancouver, Canada. Founded by Christopher 'Jack' Nilssen in October of 2010, Dark Acre is currently committed to producing a new experience every month as part of the #1GAM initiative. 


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