Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Gunswords Begins 'Beta Bash' Weekly Events This Thursday

Livestreams, Q&A Sessions and Bonus Rewards
Moscow, Russia – February 12, 2013 – Independent developer, One Button Studio, today announced GunSwords’ first “Beta Bash”, a series of weekly events for the turn-based PvP game’s Open Beta. Every Thursday and Sunday, GunSwords fans can look forward to new community-building activities and in-game rewards including double GP and Tin, a weekly “Dev Challenge” Twitch stream and live Q&A sessions. The first GunSwords Beta Bash will start at 6pm (Central European Time)/9am (Pacific) on Thursday, February 14th. Twitch stream and developers Q&A sessions will take place on Sundays from 12am-2am CEST/3pm-5pm Pacific. More information along with a full schedule can be found at: http://goo.gl/jSnz6
“Now that GunSwords has hit Open Beta it’s important that we’re bringing the community together”, said Dmitry Mikhalev, CEO of One Button Studio. “These events provide everyone with a great opportunity to battle new players, give direct feedback or just get to know us as developers.”
February’s Beta Bash series can be broken up into the following weekly events:
·      Double GP + Tin: Everyone who plays GunSwords during the Beta Bash timeslots – Thursdays for 24 hours starting at 6pm CEST/9am CEST and Sundays 12am CEST/3pm Pacific to 2am CEST/5pm Pacific – will receive double Game Points and Tin.
·      Live Q&A + Dev Challenge Twitch Stream: Sundays from 12am-2am CEST/3pm-5pm Pacific players can join the officialGunSwords Twitch channel – www.twitch.tv/gunswords – to challenge the developers in streamed matches and participate in a live Q&A session.
Players can join the Gunswords beta today at www.gunswords.com and follow the full Beta Bash schedule at http://goo.gl/jSnz6.
About GunSwords:
In GunSwords players must build a squad using available equipment and fight other players in special arenas. By winning battles, gamers can gain ranks and ultimately become champions. The combat system in GunSwords is a powerful fusion of core turn-based features, such as a hex grid, Fog of War, fighter classes with unique roles, fine action point management, power-ups and more. These features were picked, designed and balanced to provide the best possible player versus player (PvP) gameplay experience.
Players begin building a squad by choosing recruits from three different classes of fighters: Swordsmen, Gunners and Mages. A choice of 17 weapons and spells are also available – each upgradeable to 10 level – including swords, chainsaws, shotguns, miniguns, rocket launchers, railguns, etc. Using these weapons and their newly-formed squads, players can challenge other players to turn-based battles to gain points, currency to buy and upgrade weapons and fighters and prestige in the online leaderboard.
About One Button Studio:
One Button Studio was founded in 2010 in Moscow, Russia. Based on years of experience working with and harnessing the strong pool of development talent located in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, One Button Studio has an established database of talent to draw from and can turnaround projects quickly and efficiently. One Button Studio is dedicated to creating deep and engaging games enjoyed by core and strategic gamers.

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