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Thursday, 3 January 2013

PC Indie Game Review - Terrorhedron

Terrorhedron is a recently released Tower Defence game by indie developer Micro Macro Games.  I won't delve too deeply into specifics here - it's safe to say that if you enjoy TD games generally, you'll enjoy this one.  The game is presented in a 3D environment in which you can go anywhere, zoom in / out and rotate to your heart's content - this gives you some pretty entertaining angles to view from, including down the path your targets roll down, viewing from behind, which often gives you a very good indicator of whether your starting strategy is working okay.

There is no mission mode as such but the game contains single and multi-player vs and co-op modes, and will keep you going for quite some time.  Interestingly to unlock weapons, tracks and upgrades you constantly earn XP (and thereupon levels) - not losing anything when you finally die in a level, which means that even if you're not particularly good at the game, you still still continue to unlock new content.  There aren't many different tower types - the game focuses more on strategic placement (you can only use the pre-set areas to place towers) and upgrades.  One nice feature which I don't remember seeing before in this sort of game is the ability to buy platforms so that individual placements can house more towers; however depending on the shape, this may not help you very much so you have to choose separately!  Also, your turrets (towers) are not simply placed - they are programmable!  Do you want them to aim for the nearest or furthest target?  Strongest or weakest?  There are only 6 landscapes to choose from (all but one of which need to be unlocked), but what Terrorhedron lacks in variety it makes up for in depth.

This is a game that will benefit greatly from having friends (or developing strangers into enemies!) to play against in multi-player mode (up to 8-player).  As a purely single-player game I would only really recommend it if you're a complete TD nut; it's as a collaborative game that Terrorhedron excels.  Oh, and if you're nostalgic about bass-heavy 8-bit chip music, you're going to absolutely love the soundtrack!

The screenshots below give you quite a good idea of the visual style and angles you can expect to see in the game.

Terrohedron costs $9.95.  You can find more information and buy the game at the official website.

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