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Asylum Unveils Its Kickstarter Of Horrors

Posted by Dave Seaman on Thursday, 31 January 2013

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA - January 30, 2013. The highly anticipated horror adventure game has joined the ranks of Kickstarter projects with a campaign as wacky as it is creepy. After four years of production, the Senscape team aims to fund the final lap of development with the help of the community. Inspired by the writings of H. P. Lovecraft and building upon the success of cult hit ScratchesAsylum has recently enjoyed a new burst of popularity following a successful campaign on Steam Greenlight, after which it became the first game from Argentina to be Greenlit by Valve. Similarly, it happens to be the first game ever on Kickstarter from the country.

Featuring some of the most unusual Kickstarter rewards yet, backers have the chance to become permanent denizens of the Hanwell Mental Institute, the massive virtual asylum where the game takes place, by, among others, appearing as dead inmates in the morgue or being themselves residents of their very own cell. “The number one request from fans has been that they want to become part of this engrossing setting we have created,” said project leader and designer Agustín Cordes. “And we have listened.”

At the time of this writing Asylum is currently 13% funded in its first day.

Kickstarter Project

About Senscape
Senscape was founded in 2010 by Agustín Cordes, designer of the award-winning Scratchesadventure game. Based in Argentina, it aims to become a key company of independently developed videogames and in particular the adventure genre. To achieve this, Agustín has assembled an outstanding team of professionals hailing from many different industries and committed to bring only the best quality to its works. Senscape aims to merge technical prowess with compelling stories that provide rewarding and unforgettable experiences. For more information, visit:

About Scratches
Scratches is an adventure game developed by Nucleosys Digital Studio and released in 2006, selling over 250.000 copies since then. It was hailed as one of the scariest games ever and one of the most successful independently developed adventures as well. Acknowledged as the Game Of The Year in several publications and with an intricate storyline that remains discussed to this day, Scratches has earned a well-deserved cult status from a legion of fans.

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