Friday, 14 December 2012

Tainted Fate - an in-development horror adventure game by the developer of SickBrick

Currently in production by indie game developer Mladen BoĆĄnjak (who previously made SickBrick), Tainted Fate will be a horror adventure game played with two protagonists with original gameplay features.  There's currently an IndieGoGo Campaign for the game and a pre-alpha / tech demo available.  Donating $10 to the fundraiser bags you a copy of the game on release, and there are other perks available.

Tainted Fate Screenshots:

Played in first person, it immerses you into a dynamic story that depends on your decisions featuring two protagonists in different timelines on the same island.
Escape horrifying monsters, solve puzzles and make decisions that will alter yourself and the shape of the world.  

The first storyline set in the 1940's follows a man convicted of murder and sent off to the island for the rest of his life. Soon after being dropped off, strange things start to happen as you explore the island, later developing into a story full of mystery, arcane magic twisted with technology and terrifying hostile beings.
The second storyline is set in 2012 and features a young female amateur filmmaker that investigates sites with supposed paranormal activity. Upon hearing about the long abandoned island filled with stories about magic and ghosts, she immediately leaves for the island to film the most terrifying film of her life.

Tainted Fate is being developed in NeoAxis engine and uses the latest effects like Depth Of Field, SSAO, FXAA and Light Scattering to create an immersive and atmospheric world for you to plunge into. 

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