Friday, 14 December 2012

Kill thousands of orcs in EpiX - Epic Pixel Heroes! (Why does everyone have it in for Orcs all the time?)

Barcelona, Spain, December 14th 2012. Spanish indie games studio, Blinzy, is proud to announce the launch of their first IP, EpiX – Epic Pixel Heroes – an awesome freemium tapping adventure. The game is available now for both iOS and Android devices.

In need of a mental pick me up? It’s said nostalgia makes us happy and improves our state of mind. Well, Blinzy has just the thing: EpiX, a great adventure featuring a pixelated art style and a cool retro soundtrack, to take you back to the good ol’ days. If, however, you’re too young to get nostalgic over some pixels, we’re sure you noticed by now that retro’s very in.

Get your tap on, and prepare to defend the kingdom from the thousands of orcs invading it! Kill swarms of enemies closing in on you, and unlock or improve your power-ups as you advance through the 500+ levels of this great adventure. You can have only four active power ups at the same time, so choose carefully, and have a blast. Each level’s game time is short – between 30 seconds to 3 minutes – to be enjoyed anytime, anyplace. The game is integrated with Facebook and Game Center, so be social and brag about your achievements.

Get this freemium, epic pixelated adventure now on the Apple AppStore and Google Play and soon on the Amazon AppStore.

Although not available at the moment, Blinzy is working on implementing co-op via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, for you and 2 of your friends; and a quest mode with unique adventures and exclusive special powers.

And get this, if orcs aren’t doing it for you, Blinzy is cooking something else up: EpiX is the first in a series of awesome adventures. The next one, already in development, will be EpiX: Zombie Armageddon. Stay tuned!

About Blinzy Studios
Blinzy Studios is an independent game developer studio based in Barcelona, Spain. Founded by two longtime friends devoted to classic pen & paper RPGs, Josep Rosich (CEO) and Rafael Pastor (CTO), the studio has now grown to a team of five. The guys are excited to be presenting EpiX as their first IP.

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