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Friday, 7 December 2012

Indie Game Review - What Asteroids Attack

When Asteroids Attack is an extremely simple but quite fun game which is whimsically retro in style.  It's basically a simple asteroids clone, but it's done with a sense of humour, storyline and several different types of level and could keep you playing for a while - it's very easy to play, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's easy to beat. 

There are three different play modes, plenty of achievements to try to get along the way, and a decent amount of variety in what you have to do.  The music is very repetitive, which is a shame because it's pretty good - for the first 15 seconds or so.  The graphics are cartoony and functional - I actually quite liked them because of that.  The controls are okay, responded pretty well, and the game overall plays nicely although the collision detection can definitely be a bit iffy.

Overall When Asteroids Attack is a bit of mindless fun, and if you like it there's a lot of it - over 70 levels in fact, with quite a few smiles and laughs along the way at the silly sci-fi storyline.

Check the Official Website for more details / to buy the game or download the demo.

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