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An objective tool for 2D game makers

Posted by Dave Seaman on Friday, 16 November 2012

Objecty is a game animation and asset app for Windows and Mac that has been designed to work with any engine, SDK or framework.   They're currently running a funding campaign (£25 gets you an "indie licence" for the software among other perks) - click here for full details.

Main features of Objecty:

  • Runs on Windows and Mac.
  • Organise your artwork with texture packing and atlas items.
  • Wow your peers with smooth, skeletal based animation with key framing and tweening.
  • Create an army of 2D sprite objects each with a selection of their own frame based animations.
  • Visually define a centre point and named action points for any imported image.
  • Conveniently draw on collision regions and build your game objects' physics shapes.
  • Terra-form terrifically with built in world editor.
  • Get all retro with a twist, create and dynamically organise your tilemaps.
  • Make level building a cinch with definable auto / magic tile sets.
  • Apply custom data on everything, we mean everything!.
  • Export to your engine with the open-source Lua based exporter API.

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