Sunday, 2 September 2012

Steam Greenlight: How many unique visitors does a game attract in 48 hours?

Ah, there's nothing like the hot winds of hell blowing in your face! After roughly 48 hours of availability on the recently launched Steam Greenlight, Legendo’s turn-based strategy game Fortune Winds: Ancient Trader has attracted 5000+ unique visitors. For up-to-date stats, visit the page directly: 

According to Valve Corporation, a list of pending and accepted games will be made available once entries have received enough votes. Exact pre-requisites are yet to be determined, as the service is still in its infancy. 

The successor to indie cult-hit Ancient Trader, Fortune Winds: Ancient Trader contains all of the captivating gameplay and features that made the original game so compelling. Furthermore, it embellishes the experience with improved AI, additional player avatars and save game functionality. On its original release in 2010, Ancient Trader was lavished with praise from highly respected gaming publications Eurogamer and Edge Magazine, which both awarded the game an impressive 8/10. Visit for more info. 

About Legendo 
Legendo Entertainment is a digital download publisher and creator of games and IP inspired by myths, legends, vintage arcade games, classic novels and historical events. Visit for more info.

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