Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Conclave Extends Free Beta for Duration of Kickstarter

Boston, MA - September 18, 2012 - Indie game studio 10x10 Room announced that it has opened up its free beta for Conclave, its tabletop-inspired cooperative RPG that can be played at any pace from any browser. Free play will last for the duration of the Conclave Kickstarter, which ends on Saturday, September 22nd. 

The Kickstarter’s fundraising goal is $75,000. It will fund a set of major new features for the game, as well as doubling the amount of content available for play. 

"Our Kickstarter has created a surge of interest in Conclave, with daily signups twenty times what they were before the Kickstarter began," says Nick Branstator, co-founder of 10x10 Room. "We're also thrilled by the positive things being said about Conclave by industry veterans like Richard Garfield, and by major games publications such as GameSpot and Rock Paper Shotgun. We invite everybody to come see Conclave for themselves, play as much as they want, and see what’s got people excited. If they then decide to pledge, so much the better!" 

Kickstarter rewards include full access to all new features and content, original game artwork painted by fantasy artist Chris Rahn, and autographed CDs of the soundtrack as composed by the award-winning Sam Hulick of Mass Effect 3 and Baldur's Gate: Extended Edition fame. 

About Conclave 
Conclave takes all the key elements of tabletop RPGs -- party-based play, tactical combat, and group decision-making -- and brings them to a fast, easy-to-access "webtop" environment. Conclave transitions seamlessly between synchronous and asynchronous play: If you're online at the same time as other players in your party, you can take turns in realtime; if not, you can take turns whenever you have a free moment, Words With Friends-style. No Flash means it’s playable from smartphone and tablets, and turns take a matter of a minute. Conclave makes it simple to access roleplaying fun on demand -- perfect for gamers who miss tabletop RPGs and MMOs, but have trouble finding time to play them. 

As GameZebo put it: "It's hard to think that anyone who grew up on Dungeons & Dragons won't immediately have warm memories flood back while trying Conclave." 

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