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Prepare yourself for the Dark Tale of Dimiria

Posted by Dave Seaman on Thursday, 9 August 2012

The ancient continent of Andhere Terrae is a land of rich history, prosperous kingdoms and breathtaking scenic landscapes. The scars from the Great Hiristian War have all faded, only existing amidst the centuries-old texts. However, the Hiristians now seek to act on the boiling vendetta against Dimiria from ages past, and desire nothing but the total occupation and destruction of Dimiria. The bountiful resources of Andhere Terrae are more than enough to fuel the Hiristians conquest of not only Dimiria, but any world they desire. And the only thing that stands in their you! 

Welcome to Dimiria: The Agrarian Falls ( - An action-packed Role Playing Game which is still in heavy development by Indie Developers, Softnetix Entertainment. 

In this dark, heroic fantasy, you enter the land of Andhere Terrae and charge onto the front lines against the impending Hiristian invasion. Choose your warrior's style and skills. Are you a Fighter; strong and fearless combatant? Or are you a Mage; intelligent and cunning with incredible tactical potential? Or perhaps a Rogue; quick and stealthy, focusing on a single target to dismantle it with deadly efficiency and utmost precision. Whichever hero you choose, each promises uniqueness in its play style and skill sets. 

The epic tale of Dimiria is told through smooth, exciting, well-defined missions divided within ten deep, engaging chapters - 60 important missions in all. The story will take the heroes through teeming jungles, scorching deserts, winding canyons and treacherous mountains - each uniquely beautiful and carefully crafted. Along the way, the player will encounter a myriad of new and interesting characters - both of good and of evil. Of course, you won't be going it alone. A sturdy, faithful Defender; an endearing, helpful Healer; a sharp-eyed Archer; and a sultry Sorceress are among the many companions you can recruit on your quest. Choose your companions for each mission; mix and match your party to your liking and pulverize the Hiristan hordes. 

Dimiria: The Agrarian Falls features three levels of difficulty to provide hours of challenge for new gamers as well as veterans. The game's interface blends traditional RPG elements with the ability to customize not just your hero, but your trusty companions, and even your entire party to suit the needs of each individual mission. You can even assume control of your companions in combat to bring each unit to where they are needed the most. The player develops their character by placing points into stats building and class-specific skill trees. 

So sharpen your sword and prepare yourself for Dimiria: The Agrarian Falls. 

About Softnetix Entertainment Stationed in Singapore, Softnetix Entertainment is an indie development studio that consists of a diverse team of 8 indie developers. The Dimiria Project has been in development since March 2011 and will be made available on both PC and Mac. It is currently in its final stages of development, and is expected to be released late 2012. So Stay tuned! 

At the moment, they are also running a fund raising campaign at indiegogo. Please do come and support us at 

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