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New Tryst Trailer

Posted by Dave Seaman on Friday, 3 August 2012

New Tryst Trailer
New Gameplay Footage from Single Player
August 3rd, 2012 – A new trailer for the upcoming RTS Tryst is available (at the bottom of this post).  This trailer features footage from the single player campaign, which will tell the story of the humans’ side of the war between them and the Zali. Tryst is an RTS game set in the distant future where humans find themselves at war with a mechanical alien race known as the Zali. Tryst features full 8 player support, either in teams or as a free for all, in addition to a single player campaign. Closed beta signups are available on our website at
Tryst is a competitive RTS in which players experience reactive environmental dangers, a breadth of unique units and most importantly the A.R.M. - the Augmentation Research Mechanism. This last feature allows the player to equip units with specific load-outs to change their natural advantages and disadvantages.

These features are laid upon a solid foundation of core RTS features like base building, structure-unit dependency and resource management. Tryst features a story and campaign mode in addition to the focus on multiplayer matches that track stats and allow for clans and organized events. With two playable races and a near infinite number of upgrade combinations, the battlefield will always be changing in Tryst.

Find out more about this upcoming RTS and sign up for the closed beta at
About BlueGiant Interactive:
BlueGiant Interactive, an independent game studio based in Hyderabad, India. BlueGiant started in 2008 with APOX. For more information about BlueGiant, go to, or contact.

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