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Little Dragon 3D glides its way onto iTunes and Google Play

Posted by Dave Seaman on Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Melbourne, Australia -- August 15, 2012 -- Do you like to fly? You would if you were a dragon! 

Physics based gliding game, Little Dragon 3D, hits the mobile marketplaces like a clumsy dragon hits jagged rocks. 

Little Dragon 3D breaks the tiresome mould that mobile games these days fit, bringing new gameplay mechanics for a bird-like flight experience in a full 3D cell-shaded world. 

Players need to consider and balance the effects of wind resistance, lift, gravity and drift in order to master dragon flight. 

Once players have found their wings they are challenged to beat their personal best through endless randomly generated levels. Although your flight may be pleasant to start out, the journey quickly becomes perilous and will test the scales of even the most hardened little dragons. 

The worlds appearance evolves along with the players progress, flying further into unknown territory reveals new scenery seen only by the most daring of winged beasts. 

Featuring 3D cell-shaded graphics unlike those seen on mobile before, the game makes full use of high end mobile hardware to present beautiful and impressive visuals. The games graphics can also dynamically scale, swapping out shaders and post effects on the fly to accommodate lower powered android devices. 

-Unique physics based gliding gameplay 
-Randomly generated levels 
-Quality visuals and sound 
-10 unique scenery sets 

Little Dragon 3D is now available for purchase on both iTunes and Google Play 

Google Play 

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