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First Playable Of Asylum Goes Live

Posted by Dave Seaman on Tuesday, 14 August 2012

COLOGNE, GERMANY - August 14, 2012. Finally, players will be able to get a taste of the horrors awaiting in Asylum, the upcoming adventure game from Senscape. An interactive teaser is being made available just in time for the Gamescom event where Senscape are promoting the title. The teaser features a playable portion of Asylum and a brief glimpse into one of the largest virtual buildings ever put in a game: the Hanwell Mental Institute.

"After four years of production, and still many months of work left, we're extremely excited to prove thatAsylum is real, it's happening, and it will haunt your nightmares for a long time to come", said Agustín Cordes, founder of Senscape and creator of Asylum.

In a surprise announcement, legendary adventure game designer Josh Mandel is revealed as the voice of the enigmatic game's protagonist, his first serious performance outside the realm of comedy.

The Asylum Interactive Teaser is immediately available to download for Windows, Mac OS X and Ubuntu. The download includes the complete source code of the teaser, which provides an in-depth look at the simple yet powerful Dagon engine from Senscape.

Asylum is currently scheduled for release in late 2013.



About Senscape

Founded in 2010 by Agustín Cordes and based in Argentina, Senscape aims to become a key company of independently developed video games with a particular focus on the adventure genre. To achieve this, Agustín has assembled an outstanding team of professionals hailing from many different industries and committed to bringing only the best quality to its works. Senscape strives to merge technical prowess with compelling stories that provide rewarding and unforgettable experiences. For more information, please visit:

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