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Curiosity: The Mars Mission is now available on Google Play

Posted by Dave Seaman on Friday, 17 August 2012

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA - August 17, 2012 - Reflective Layer, an indie game studio located in Philadelphia, is proud to announce the release of Curiosity: The Mars Mission. A simulation game about NASA's Curiosity Rover for the Android platform. 

Curiosity: The Mars Mission let gamers relive the exciting journey from Earth to Mars of the Mars Science Laboratory otherwise known as Curiosity. All 4 of the major phases are modeled. Starting with the cruise phase, the gamer will have to put Curiosity onto a Hohmann transfer orbit to reach Mars. Once there they will have to face the 7 minutes of entry into the martian atmosphere all the way down to when the Sky Crane releases the Rover. 

This game is design to mirror important flight parameter such as altitude and velocity to match those of the actual mission. 

* Experience all 4 phases of flight. Cruise, Entry, Descent and Landing 
* Critical parameters such as velocity and altitude are closely modeled to reality. 
* Gamers can choose to play only certain phases of the game. 
* Includes an EDL chart to help gamers plan their trajectory. 

Curiosity: The Mars Mission is available on Android for free from Google Play -


About Reflective Layer Reflective Layer is an independent computer game developer based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Founded in 2006 by Dexter Kofa. Reflective Layer is focused on providing digital entertainment with real-world elements for mobile and desktop computer .

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