Friday, 13 July 2012

Potential Games release indie MMOPRG, "Island Forge", a game made by the community that plays it!

Potential Games LLC are excited to announce the release of their first indie MMORPG, Island Forge, which features classic RPG elements, but in a unique new game system, all designed around player-created content: Create Islands with stories for others to explore! 
  • Design islands with hundreds of scenery and terrain tiles, compose actor dialogue (stories with quest goals and dynamic branching logic), then publish them to the world for others to experience.
  • Explore and rate each other's islands. 
  • Go solo or form expedition parties to clear the evil fog and combat creatures. 
  • Boundless upgrades (no max levels) with an innovative hybrid HP/XP character leveling and training system. Process resources and earn GP to craft all items, equipment, potions, and spells.


Potential Games are a one-man (Nathaniel Baughman) operation - he's wanted to create an MMORPG since before RPGs were MMO. He's planning to continue development of Island Forge, with player input and extremely important part of the creative developmental process.

Island Forge was entirely developed in Java and is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

They're accepting Bitcoin digital currency, which apparently could be the next big thing in the gaming market:

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