Thursday, 5 July 2012

Nihilumbra: Nihilism has never been so beautiful.

Nihilumbra is a 2D puzzle platformer inspired by the retro roots of gaming.  Not only does it boast hand painted dark environments, nightmarish monsters, and a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack, it tells a story that really panders to the existential dread lurking within us all. 

Face an inevitable fate 
You play as the main character, Born, created from a type of anti-matter known as The Void, a dark mass of nothingness. The Void turns out to be the main antagonist throughout the game; it abhors the very existence of Born and will relentlessly pursue him, destroying all in it's path and sending out shadowy minions to reabsorb him and thus restore balance to the universe. 

A totally different experience 
More than your typical platform game, Nihilumbra's main feature is the ability to modify the environment through the use of color. There are five colors to find, which grant you various abilites to change the physics of the world. Different colors may solve puzzles or dispatch enemies depending on how you apply them. 

There is often more than one way of solving each puzzle, and the ability to paint wherever you please and experiment really adds a unique creative element to the game. 

A long and dangerous journey 
The game is also huge as far as iOS games go with over 10 hours of gameplay. There are 5 worlds increasing in complexity, culminating in an exciting twist that opens up a whole new challenge. Plus, once the game is completed in it's entirety a great surprise is unlocked ensuring replayability. 

Nihilumbra has been received very well by the iOS gaming community and has already been given many glowing reviews: 
“Nihilumbra is one of those games you're going to finish and remember. It feels like a combination of S&S and Waking Mars. Memorable.” 
Sean Yuan, USA. 5 stars. 

“It's gorgeous, entertaining and clever. And that's before we get to the story.” 
Nissa Campbell, Touch Arcade. 4.5 Stars. 

“Really beautiful game. Thought-provoking, colorful, imaginative, dark, simple, and fun. 
More games like this please!” 
Zimmerman's Way, USA. 5 star. 

Now Available in the Apple Store 

Beautifun Games 
Beautifun Games is an Indie development team based in Sabadell, near Barcelona. We are committed to creating original and quality games that are above all, beautiful and fun. 

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