Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Buddies Franchise Expands With Zombies, Karts, Guns, and more!

BEIJING – July 3rd, 2012 

Since launch a few weeks ago, Balanced Worlds has been rapidly iterating on Bomb Buddies. The coolest and newest feature is their Zombie game mode. Players battle it out punching, kicking, and throwing bombs to evade zombies in their attempt to become the sole survivor of the zombie apocalypse. A 4th game mode called Kings Mode is already underway. 

The PC version of Bomb Buddies can be downloaded from http://www.bombbuddies.com 

In addition to improvements to Bomb Buddies, Balanced Worlds has announced two new games in the Buddies franchise. Kart Buddies is an action-packed combat kart racing game. And, Putt Buddies is a thrilling arcade style golf game. 

All Buddies games are designed to create a unified gaming experience. Clothing, items, achievements, friends, from one Buddies game will all be available within all other Buddies games. And for players that want a Buddies game on the go, all games in the franchise are scheduled to have PC, Mac, iOS, Andriod, and Web versions. 

Support the Balanced Worlds team, tell your friends, and play Bomb Buddies now! 

About Balanced Worlds 

Balanced Worlds is an indie game studio that creates 3d social games for gamers. For more information go to http://www.balancedworlds.com

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