Friday, 20 July 2012

300 Dwarves: Tower Defense Game to Arrive Late Summer 2012

Cracow, Poland - Nimbi Studios S.A. proudly announces the upcoming release of 300 Dwarves for Mac OS X, iOS and PC, to be released later this summer. 300 Dwarves is a tale of an epic dwarven mercenary band. Their axes are for hire to anyone willing to pay in gold or treasure.

The once peaceful kingdom was attacked by the green horde and it was up to the gamer, the Leader, to prepare its defense. This began an epic journey in order to save the world from the green menace! Users are a dwarven commander, leading the band into battle. The choices you make will now decide whether your dwarves make it or not. As an old dwarven proverb says:

“What is better than a big axe?”
 “Even a bigger axe!”

300 Dwarves features nine unique towers with upgrades. In addition to that, the commander can use special powers like: artillery barrage, battle horn or even power of the rune magic. To provide non-linear progression of the game, the player can achieve skill point counts in the game as treasures, which can be spent as upgrades on skill tree. As an example, for the price of two treasures you can purchase “better black powder” in order to improve the operation of your mortars.

You will travel through diverse lands of the kingdom and face different enemies ranging from small green goblins, through a whole menagerie of creatures, up to big bosses. Become the savior of the kingdom and defeat all ten levels of this extraordinary tower defense game to achieve the ultimate victory. 300 Dwarves will also include beautiful hand drawn graphics, animations and challenging gameplay. 300 Dwarves will arrive on PC, Mac and iOS late summer 2012.

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