Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Ya2 Releases Plith, a New Indie Puzzle Game for PC and Mac

Rome, Italy – June 19, 2012 – Ya2 has today released Plith, a fresh indie puzzle game for Windows, OSX and Linux. Plith puts gamers in a spatial setting, where they have to manage several puzzle elements (mostly gears) and must make quick decisions which can simplify or complicate their path to victory.

Plith is a fast paced puzzle game which contains a lot of levels – more than 100 – to be solved. The player moves some gears and can place them on the level; some gears rotate, and transmit their rotation to the adjacent ones: the objective of each level is to activate the target gears. These levels constitute five different worlds, which are subdivided into fourteen sections. Each section introduces new gameplay elements; for example, several kinds of gears and obstacles come out along the game. The game is presented using mostly 3D graphics, with a few handmade drawings as well. More information about Plith can be found at

For additional information or a sample copy of the game, please contact us.

About Ya2
Ya2, an independent developer based in Rome, Italy, is dedicated to creating new indie games. It was founded in 2012. Flavio Calva is Ya2’s founder and lead developer. Plith is Ya2’s first release. More information about Ya2 can be found at

Plith Screenshots:

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