Saturday, 23 June 2012

Sumerian Blood, a Mesopotamia Android game has been released

Haifa, Israel -- June 22, 2012 -- Sumerian Blood, the Android game, has been released. 

Sumerian Blood a strategy and action game set in Mesopotamia era with mythological creatures has been released for the Android on Google Play and Amazon Appstore. 

Sumerian Blood plays like a chess game, with two opposing armies taking turns in moving their pieces. However, unlike chess, once two pieces are placed on the same square the two units take things to matter in a battle to the death. 

There are two army types in Sumerian Blood, Gilgamesh's army and An's army. There are 18 unit types overall and each unit has it's own unique attack ability. The game rely on the fine balance of the armies, while keeping it interesting with varied attacks and abilities. 

Sumerian Blood supports both single player and multiplayer. The single player plays against a challanging AI, while the multiplayer let's you play against another Android device over the network. 

Sumerian Blood is a fun and unique startegy and action hybbrid Android game. There are not many games like it in the app stores and players will find it a different experience from what they are used to. 

About Pompi Pompi Entertainment 

Pompi Pompi Entartainment is a one person "company". Ofer is attempting to realize the dream of making a living out of game development, but so far it has not come to that. Eventhough Ofer's games had modest success, he keeps on making games regardless of succcess. 

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