Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Spark Plug Games’ Plight of the Zombie Lurches onto Android Devices

Poor little zombie, so misunderstood...

RESEARCH TRIANGLE, NC (June 20th, 2012) – The zombie apocalypse is finally here! Plight of the Zombie has officially launched on the tastiest of all operating systems (Android) and is nomming its way into homes, hearts and brains across the nation.

Zombies are just hungry. All we ask is that you check out our cause to help end zombie hunger. There are those among us who are misunderstood. They’re rejected by society, and even killed, just for being who they are! It’s time to walk a mile in someone else’s shoe, albeit someone’s deceased and quite undead shoe, as you feel the everlasting pangs of hunger.

So try out this extremely tasteful puzzle game today – for free! Be one with your inner zombie and help satisfy those hunger pains. You know what it’s like to be counting down the clock to lunchtime, absolutely craving a burger (or veggie burger), don’t you? Just imagine that feeling every day. And instead of burgers, you’re craving brains. It could happen, right?
Plight of the Zombie features:
  • Play over 30 deliciously brainy puzzles
  • Support a savory cause by helping end zombie hunger
  • Hats! Hats! Hats! Ever wanted a zombie in a party hat? Look no further!
  • Available initially on Android platforms, on iOS by Q3
  • It’s free! Some people say there’s no such thing as a free lunch. We beg to differ...

Get it from GooglePlay


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