Tuesday, 26 June 2012

GameJolt - a resource for freeware developers

I'm new to the GameJolt community but so far it seems that everyone's on to a winner.  Though the forum's a bit dead GameJolt offers a free host / mirror for your games if you're a freeware game developer (in fact you can even earn a little from it!), a place to advertise your games through the blog - you can even automatically update your blog there using your RSS feed - and of course plenty of free games if you're a game player.  

So far, so good...  check out the GameJolt homepage or my developer profile there.  As I have more experience of how good / bad this site is for various things, I'll keep you posted.  (I only found out about the place because Tino mirrored his Unga Needs Mumba game there.)

I'm planning on mirroring my Captain Disaster demo version there (well, after I check it's not against the rules!).  [EDIT - apparently is is.  Drat.  But Troll Song will still find a home there when it's released!]

Don't forget you can also keep up to date by adding the Indie Game News Google+ page to your circles.
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