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Fresh Aces Launches St. Chicken for Mac and PC

Posted by Dave Seaman on Wednesday, 20 June 2012

DENVER, CO - (June 20, 2012) - Indie game studio Fresh Aces ( founded by game designer Marc Wilhelm, launches his first solo indie-game ‘St. Chicken’ for Mac and Windows. It is currently on sale at and Both sites list the game on sale, 25% off at $2.99 (normally $3.99). 

Defying genres, St. Chicken is in a category all its own - a fun but challenging puzzle-swimmer-platformer where you control an omnipotent pet guppy. St. Chicken is lost in the wild, and has been granted special healing powers. Spawn, nourish and protect your very own school of offspring, guiding them through hazardous waters to safety. 

Don't let the cute graphics fool you, the game is accessible to all skill levels, but those seeking a perfect score will need to develop some serious skills.  

The goal in St. Chicken is to spawn as many little fish as possible, keeping them safe and herding them through to the end of each level unharmed. The end of each level lie the lost treasures from the aquarium that was once home to St. Chicken.  

Controlling St. Chicken, you'll spawn, nourish and protect a school of susceptible offspring, guiding them through a series of lakes and estuaries avoiding hazards in the form of patrolling electric eels and stingrays.  

To succeed you'll also need to solve platform puzzles, break through blocks to make the best path and utilize underwater tides and surges in search of lost, sacred aquarium treasures. 

Fresh Aces is holding a sweepstakes to give away five free copies to attract new players. The information has been posted on Fresh Aces Facebook profile ( and can also be found on the studio's website ( 

Marc Wilhelm, Fresh Aces and the design philosophy behind St. Chicken: 
Marc has worked professionally in games since 1999 for some of the best-known AAA game studios, contributing to several very successful titles. For the bulk of his experience in games he’s worked as a designer and creative director, recently returning to his home state of Colorado to found his own indie game startup - Fresh Aces Videogames. 

For more information on his experience please visit:,42606/ 

Fresh Aces ( was founded by game designer Marc Wilhelm in January 2012 with a passion for games and creating them. 

“I make games that I would want to play. Fundamentally, a good game should look nice, be easy to pick up and hard to put down. Ideally it also does something more. In St. Chicken for example, it is a very basic mechanic but set in a fundamentally surreal theme because it takes place in the dream of the child. A child who lost their favorite guppy in a moving accident and must invent a story in their mind to deal with the guilt and loss that is a big lesson for a kid. When you play as St. Chicken you spawn AI offspring and you care about these fragile little guys which subconsciously taps into a parental instinct. All of this adds color and emotion to the game in addition to the joy of seeing all these little fish swim around and try to survive with very basic instincts in a hostile environment.” 

Sale on Indievania: 
Sale on IndieCity: 

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